MEGA-SEL® – Equine Sore Muscle Solution

MEGA-SEL - 1gal & 64oz bottles

MEGA-SEL Equine Sore Muscle Solution is a unique selenium and vitamin E product vital to the health and performance of your horse. It’s patented, liquid formula, provides selenium and vitamin E in a palatable form which is readily consumed and utilized by the horse. Powdered supplements are safe, but they may settle out of the grain, not to be consumed at all. Injectables, although effective, have potentially dangerous side effects (anaphylactoid reactions). MEGA-SEL offers you both safety and effectiveness.


For horses low in selenium and/or experiencing muscle soreness problems. Also for use on horses prone to tying-up syndrome.

Expect Results

Within 14 days.

Features & Benefits of MEGA-SEL Equine Sore Muscle Solution

  • Contains premium ingredients for better results
  • Patented and formulated for excellent absorption of antioxidants Selenium and Vitamin E
  • Shown to be more effective than powder or crumble selenium products
  • Palatable liquid form; when top-dressed, will not sift through feed or be nudged aside by finicky eaters
  • THE SORE MUSCLE SOLUTION® – Used by many top equine veterinarians, owners and trainers to help reduce muscle soreness

Horse muscle soreness diagram