About the Company

Spectra Animal Health was established in 1991. For 12 years, Spectra’s primary function was to produce, market and distribute MEGA-SEL®, a patented liquid Selenium and Vitamin E supplement for horses. Today, MEGA-SEL® is the #1 equine nutritional supplement for sore muscles in the U.S.

Spectra Equine Products –

In 2002, Spectra began field testing on an expanded product line of solutions to common equine problems. Spectra’s premium equine nutritional supplements are designed to be the best on the market and are proven to work through field testing with veterinarians.

Six key elements come together to allow us to meet our goal of providing you with the absolute best, highest integrity products that produce results for you and your horse.

  • Experience – Spectra has over 20 years of experience in the animal health field.
  • Quality Standards – All Spectra products are developed by qualified chemists and nutritionists in a certified, AIB audited laboratory.
  • Independent Monitoring – Spectra formulas are monitored by an independent laboratory to assure they produce the guaranteed levels of nutrients listed on our labels.
  • Enhanced Absorption – Applicable Spectra products are enhanced with Bio-Boost, a proprietary Spectra brand ingredient shown to enhance the absorption of key nutrients critical to the performance of our products.
  • Premium Ingredients – Spectra products contain premium, high purity ingredients for better results.
  • Performance Oriented Formulas – Each product is formulated with a specific result in mind. Our goal is to help you solve nutritional problems with your horse(s) that will lead to better health and performance.

When you purchase a Spectra product, you can Expect Results.

Main Office:

Spectra Animal Health.
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