Belmont Park, Elmont, New York, June 10, 2023

“Our horses have appreciated adding MEGA-FLX+HA to our program. We have noticed improved recovery after big efforts in either racing or workouts. Using a product that is benefiting our horses in a muscular and skeletal perspective was an easy decision with MEGA-FLX +HA.”

“I am very excited about Scennorrado VD Hunters Z. The first thing that we did was incorporate your MEGA-FLX+HA into his diet to help him feel his best as we began our conditioning process. We had a great first competition together at the World Equestrian Center and look forward to continuing moving up through the Circuit. We are so happy with your product. Thank you for helping Hunter perform his best.”

“I started using MEGA-FLX +HA almost a year ago and I could not be more astounded at the results on each horse I have used it on. It has now become a part of each of my show horses and training horse’s everyday diet. Before MEGA-FLX I was having a really hard time finding that right addition to my horse’s diet that was affordable and effective! My trick riding horse, Waylon Jennings, he used to be sore for a day or two after his training sessions and performances but now we’re ready to hit the ground running each day like it’s nothing! He has a skip in his stride and is always right on point because of MEGA-FLX +HA and the whole SPECTRA team! If you are having a hard time finding your something extra that your horse is missing then check out Spectra because they have it all and it works! Thank you team SPECTRA!”

“Since Gus has been on MEGA-FLX +HA, he has cut 3 to 4 tenths off his times! He ran 7 days in a row and never slowed down. It is so amazing. Thank you so much!!! I am a complete believer!!! Gus and I thank you!!!”

Cayla Van der Walt

“While searching for supplements that are FEI legal, I came across Spectra’s products. I decided to try out the MEGA-FLX and EPICOAT on my FEI Dressage horse, Daturo II, and what a difference they have made! The MEGA-FLX has given his muscles a better recovery time in between training sessions and feeling more comfortable doing the upper level work. It has definitely shown in our scores and comments from judges at our recent shows! He is more relaxed and happy to work. Not only does he feel better, but he also looks so much better. EPICOAT makes his grey coat shine in sunlight and it doesn’t feel as coarse as it once did. He is even starting to get his dapples back! I’m super excited to start these products on my other show horses to get them looking and feeling their best as well!”

Miriam Gonzalez

“Viñas Amaya is a young P.R.E. (Pura Raza Española) mare who lives outdoors in sunny Florida. Amaya was invited to represent her breed in the Chamber of Commerce Equine Expo in Ocala. We had four weeks to transform her reddish winter coat into a show ready beauty. By the second week using EPICOAT, we began to see her alluring black coat seeing the red slowly disappear. By the fourth week, she was as black as an onyx and ready to proudly represent the P.R.E. I will  continue using EPICOAT  to maintain a healthy and lustrous coat!” 

Mark Hennig

“Spectra products are a big part of our program…  Quality products that work. We feed MEGA-FLX+HA to all of our horses on a daily basis.”

Jennifer Butcher

MEGA-FLX+HA has made a huge difference on my barrel horse THE BULLIONAIRE! This horse has been off for 3 years. I did not think I would ever ride him again, much less barrel race. His energy level is great now and he is completely sound. I am very pleased with MEGA-FLX+HA. I highly recommend this product. I’ve been in the horse business over 50 years and I’ve tried about everything, with little results. I’m super excited about this product and looking forward to putting my futurity colts on MEGA-FLX+HA.”

Samantha Fawcett

“I first heard about MEGA-FLX+HA when one of my horses was coming off of about 6 weeks of stall rest for a bruised foot. He has Shivers and his back and hind quarters get tight and sore due to the muscle spasms that result from picking up his back feet when standing on the spot, or turning without forward motion. Within a couple days of taking MEGA-FLX+HA, he was noticeably less stiff when starting out, and seemed like he was more comfortable and stronger! He was also less sore upon palpation of his back and hind quarters. I look forward to seeing the benefits of this product continue to support my horses as show season begins!”

Meghan Thomas

“I first tried your product last May, 2018. I decided to try it after paying an outrageous amount for a previous joint supplement that I wasn’t quite pleased with. As soon as I received my order of MEGA-FLX+HA, I knew my horse was already going to love it. He seems to take better to liquid supplements than powder. But I never dreamed it would do what it does, and at a great price at that! My gelding that I compete on is 18 years old this year, and people are always shocked to find that out. I have been running him for the past 12 years and with this product,he is running and moving as sound as ever!”

Cali Bowman

“I tried MEGA-FLX+HA after being disappointed in the cost and effectiveness of other joint supplements. I noticed results within a week of starting the product. I am so happy with the results, I have not only put my show horses on it, but also my school horses. My show horses have a spring in their step, and my older school horses are so much more comfortable too. MEGA-FLX+HA is a definite part of my program now.”

Elizabeth deMeric

“At his first show, Blueprint was a bit insecure and nervous. The following weekend, we gave him MEGA-CALM EVENT paste first thing in the morning and not only was he calmer and more focused, he won his class! As parents, ensuring Elizabeth is safe, confident and has a good experience while showing is our number one priority. We trust MEGA-CALM to help us achieve that.”

Jim Cantrell

“I’m confident in all Spectra products, but most recently I used the new MEGA-CALM EVENT paste and had great results in getting my horse calm and focused. I also recently started using EPICOAT on all my horses and have received several compliments on how my horses look. It really works great… and fast!”

Valary & Tristan deMeric

“We have had great luck using MEGA-CALM EVENT to alleviate stress during shipping. It’s a product we like to always have on hand. We used EPICOAT for the first time this year and our horses looked amazing. Based on these results, we will continue to use it on all our sale horses.”

Frankie Bilbao

“I started to use MEGA-CALM on my new horses coming in to competition for the first time and the older horses that stress on game days and I’m very pleased with the results. I also put my whole string of playing horses on MEGA-FLX+HA after seeing the results on a couple of my older mares. They recover great after games, no tying ups, and seems to be working wonders on old and sore joints. I’m hooked on both of these products and they are now part of my program.”

Matisyn Weathers

“We would not have survived North Carolina without MEGA-CALM! Stewie gets anxiety when he can’t see his friend Swirl to the point he would do anything to be by her side. He was a completely different horse with the MEGA-CALM. From now on he receives it daily. What an amazing product. Thanks for the advice and keeping our horses healthy! We do not leave home without our Spectra products.”

Ernie Retamoza

“We use PROLIFIC EQ and EPICOAT on horses we prep for the sale, and the results have been amazing. I’ve had colleagues comment about how great our horses look and ask what we’re using. It really has made a difference that you can see.”

Meg Miranda

“His coat was dry and sunburned from 24/7 turn-out. No amount of brushing was letting him turn loose of that hair. I started him on EPICOAT and he turned around in approximately 4 weeks, in the middle of the winter! Sunburned hair to the color he is supposed to be, and he was Double Best Young Pony his first time competing!”

Melissa Sachs

“My horses, friends, and clients are so blessed we found Spectra Supplements. I have never seen such an improvement in horses with PSSM symptoms. I have witnessed multiple horses cleared of symptoms in a week or less on MEGA-FLX. Basic body, muscle, and joint pain have been greatly reduced in our show horse saving us money on anti-inflammatory medicines at shows. Spectra’s EPICOAT works fast too. My horses are shiny and dappled.”

Lori Beth Eager

“The horse in the picture has had several issues over the last couple years. With the help of some good vets that finally figured out what he had going on and Respion and MEGA-FLX, he no longer has a constant allergy cough and isn’t body or joint sore. He was second at his first rodeo in a year and a half and then one week later he won a tough barrel race!!”

Cody Clark

PROLIFIC really cuts down on the stress and along with GARDION helping out with the stomach issues, these two products work really well with each other.”

Dennis Manning

“I had a filly shipped to our stable who had not been racing very well and was a bleeder. I began using Spectra’s HEMION to help with the bleeding issue and started her on a slow training recovery program. After 3 weeks of light jogging we began to intensify her training program and found that there was no bleeding while breezing. We entered her in a race in Miami and she raced very well and did not bleed. The next outing she won. She continues to race very well and we have kept her on Spectra’s HEMION to control the bleeding.”

Aldana Gonzalez

“I had a very nervous horse, saw MEGA-CALM and decided to give it a try. It worked great. I feed the product each day for 3 days before the race and the results are very good. The horse was quieter in the stall and did not get nervous before the race. I’ll continue to use MEGA-CALM on my nervous race horses.”