MEGA-X® – Equine Blood Builder

MEGA-X Performance Formula

MEGA-X Equine Blood Builder contains X-Factor, a proprietary blend of premium chelated (proteinated) minerals, including organic iron, zinc and copper. Unlike typical minerals, X-Factor proteinated minerals remain chelated even in solution and even in low pH conditions, enabling more of the mineral to reach the site of absorption for greater utilization. MEGA-X also contains a full range of B-Vitamins and the amino acid L-Lysine. L-Lysine must be supplemented due to the body’s inability to produce enough on its own. MEGA-X is used by trainers to improve blood counts. Higher blood counts increase the amount of oxygen carried to muscles and organs, which increases stamina and performance.


For performance horses requiring higher hemoglobin and hematocrit levels for increased stamina and performance.

Expect Results

Within 14 days.

Features & Benefits of MEGA-X Equine Performance Support

  • Proprietary X-Factor brand proteinated minerals
  • High in lysine plus B-complex vitamins
  • Chelated organic minerals with greater bonding strength for better absorption
  • Specially manufactured to stay chelated even in low pH conditions
  • Intuitive Technology adjusts absorption to the needs of the horse