HEMION® Equine EIPH Support

Hemion 30 oz. bottle

HEMION Equine EIPH Support is a unique liquid solution of nutrients and herbs designed to help prevent excessive bleeding and scar tissue damage.


For horses that bleed through the nose as a result of intense work.

Expect Results

Within 14 days.

Features & Benefits of HEMION Equine EIPH Support

  • Contains premium ingredients for better results
  • Contains key ingredients formulated to strengthen and repair the blood vessels through the lungs
  • Contains B-Vitamins to help control homocysteine levels , which has been shown to reduce defects in artery wall formation
  • Formulated to help prevent scar tissue, vascular rupture and maintain vascular elasticity
  • Contains natural bioflavonoids, including rutin, which have been shown to prevent capillary fragility and work as a vascular protectant