FLX4 Ingredient Study Shows Superior Lameness Improvement

FLX4 Functional AntioxidantFLX4, is a proprietary brand owned by Spectra Animal Health to describe a unique functional antioxidant ingredient, which was developed to address lameness in horses through the addition of natural bioactive keratin to the diet.

The innovative ingredient was used in a small controlled study conducted by an approved scientific animal studies independent laboratory.  The study consisted of ten horses with known joint problems leading to lameness.  Diets were supplemented with either FLX4 or placebo, top-dressed on feed.  Horses were recruited through a local veterinary hospital.  Owners were asked not to feed any supplements containing sulfur, glucosamine, chondroitin or protein and not to administer any hyaluronate injections.

Lameness evaluations were performed every 30 days for a period of four months by a licensed veterinarian using AAEP’s Lameness Grading Scale.  The owners and veterinarian evaluator were blinded to the treatment (FLX4 vs. placebo).  Set protocol was followed, requiring initial measurements of gait impediment, joint swelling and flexibility.  Joint diameter and gait were measured each month.

Although the study was small, the results were very compelling.  At 60 days, there was drastic lameness improvement in all horses fed the FLX4 ingredient.  In fact, 100% of horses receiving the FLX4 ingredient showed significant improvement in lameness within 60 to 90 days.  Results showed a higher degree of improvement compared to similar studies.  While most joint supplements average around 1.0 in lameness improvement (AAEP’s Lameness Grading Scale), the study showed a 1.75 average lameness improvement for the FLX4 functional antioxidant.  There was a small improvement in body condition of the horses fed FLX4 as well, and owner comments were very positive.

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FLX4 can be found as a key ingredient in MEGA-FLX +HA and a major component in MEGA-FLX’s ability to provide a long term sustainable solution for equine joint health.