MSM: High Purity, Clinically Researched

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is created naturally through the earth’s sulfur cycle, but all commercially available MSM must be manufactured because amounts found naturally are too small to be extracted.

As a natural source of sulfur, MSM supports joint health by controlling inflammation that damages cartilage. MSM has also been shown to improve upper and lower respiratory symptoms due to seasonal allergies and may also support healthy hooves.

MEGA-FLX +HA contains high purity MSM that is made in the USA and backed by several pre-clinical and clinical studies supporting its efficacy in promoting joint health and range of motion. MEGA-FLX’s MSM is a naturally occurring organic sulfur source shown to down-regulate inflammatory markers and protect joint integrity.

The high purity MSM in MEGA-FLX goes through 4 stages of distillation to remove impurities such as benzene, phenol, arsenic, lead, heptanes, mercury and cadmium, which may be present in other MSM products.

Although the MSM used in MEGA-FLX is manufactured, it is identical in structure to that found in nature. There is no higher quality or better researched MSM in the world than what is used in MEGA-FLX +HA.