Hyaluronic Acid – All HA Ingredients are not the same

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a connective tissue polysaccharide and a key component in synovial fluid.  HA helps synovial fluid lubricate joints by increasing its viscosity and reducing friction between articular surfaces.  HA plays an important role in both mechanical and transport properties in the body, such as giving elasticity to joints.

Rooster comb is a natural source of HA, but carries with it the contamination risks associated with animal source ingredients.  Natural HA can also be produced through an all-natural fermentation and purification process, but the manufacturing process may vary from one manufacturer to another, resulting in a different level of purity in the final product.  Typical fermentation source HA ingredients used in supplements today are only 90% pure.

As part of a commitment to quality, Spectra is always seeking out premium ingredient options that can make a difference in product effectiveness and overall health of the horse.  MEGA-FLX +HA utilizes 99% pure, pharmaceutical grade, high viscosity HA produced through an all-natural advanced fermentation technology and purification process.  This process provides HA with the same molecular structure as rooster comb without the risk of animal-derived contamination, so it’s the best of both worlds for horse owners and for the horse.

Mega-FLX +HA 32oz bottle MEGA-FLX +HA contains 150mg of premium HA per ounce.